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Time Event
2009 Panyu incineration protest 
2010.03 Formed the Panyu Green Family group 
2010.12.10 Awarded "China·Public Welfare Action" prize
2011.06.05 Awarded "SEE·TNC" fund 
2011.12.13 Established the nationwide China Zero-waste Alliance with other Environmental NGOs and concerned individuals 
2012.02 Began the formal registration process to become an NGO
2012.06.20 Successfully registered and received certification as a private non-enterprise organization
2012.11 Launched a waste recycling project in Sun Yat-Sen University Technology Park 
2013.01.13 Published our first survey report: “Guangzhou Waste Recycling Pilot Communities Report”
2013.04.27 Permitted to provide donation receipts
2013.05.01 Started the Green Family workshop in Qifu Xincun Housing Complex
2013.05.22 Received qualification for tax exemption as non-profit organization, valid for 5 years
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