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Since the 2009 protest against the proposed Waste-to-Energy Incineration plant in Panyu district, Guangzhou ignited new reflection and action towards waste management.  The residents of Panyu took action and started their own recycling program. The “Green Family” environmental group to promote recycling was formed in February 2010. In June 2012, members of the “Green Family” registered Eco-Canton as a non-profit environmental organization in Guangzhou. 


Our organization works towards solutions for the problem of waste management confronting most cities in China. 


Our Mission:

To advocate for zero-waste through connecting government, business and communities, developing public participation platforms, to explore and practice sustainable solutions for waste.


Our Vision:

A future of zero waste

An era of green citizens

A livable and eco-friendly Canton


Our Slogan: Zero Waste, Green Citizen, Beautiful Canton

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